Lavorazioni lamiera finiture e co.

laser cutting and molding. Sheet metal processing

All the different processes of sheet metal processing, from laser cutting to molding.

We are able to offer services that include:

mechanical machining performed with 5-axis machining centers for sheet shearing and drawing, up to laser cutting of sheet metal both in 2D and in 3D with subsequent sheet metal bending and punching operations.

Furthermore, to provide the finished product, various sheet metal surface treatments can be performed such as:

Painting (cataphoresis - powder)
Brush polishing with robot or manual
Polishing with robot or manual
Shot peening
Stainless steel electro-polishing

And finally, testing and assembly, always carried out at our production site.

Thus, from the pure third party account, a complete management service for the semi-finished or finished product was supplied.

This is given by the great advantage of operating and getting to know the industrial fabric of Brescia, which is very active in metalworking, for decades, and the collaboration of a territory with companies that are physically close but each specialized in a different and followed production phase can only be an added value. at the highest level. Casa della Saldatura uses suppliers specialized in the cold deformation of metal sheets and surface treatments of metals.

Casa della Saldatura responds to any production requirement, from the realization of finished or semi-finished products; from small series to large quantities.

The staff is composed of specialized people who have experience and professionalism.

The welds and all the processes are carried out in compliance with precise procedures, guaranteed by the ISO 9001-2015 quality system.